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Any Shape, Any Size, Any Occasion

We can offer a various amount of services from marquee hire to lighting hire. We are here to make any event you may be having a special occasion. There is no need to use multiple companies for your event. Abbey Marquee Hire has everything you need for all your hire needs.

Free Standing Marquees

All of our marquees are free standing and have no centre poles that tend to get in the way. We supply a range of different size marquees suitable for a range of events. All marquees are flexible and can be altered to fit your requirements. All of our marquees are of the highest quality. The walls and roof are fire retardant white PVC and all frameworks are made from aluminium. If you wish, we can customise these features by adding clear lining or even drawing back the lining for the walls so the surroundings can be seen. All of our marquees meet current safety regulations and can withstand the harsh weather conditions in England.


We have supplied our services for many outdoor events and provided our full range of services to ensure the least amount of stress is put upon our clients. We have the facility to provide many services from cutlery hire to interior decoration. We do many types of events including:

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Corporate events
  • Anniversaries
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Birthdays


We provide the full package when choosing the right venue for your wedding or wedding reception. If an outdoor event is what you are looking for, then we can help provide all you will need for this perfect day. We offer a full wedding package including, marquee hire, indoor heating, interior dressing, flooring and dance floor, crockery hire, tables/chair hire and lighting. We have a large range of colours and arrangements for all interior dressings to create your perfect wedding location.


If you are having a party, whether it is a birthday party or anniversary, we have all the features you will need for an outdoor party. We provide interior dressing for every occasion, to transform your marquee into your ideal party.


Planning a corporate event can be very stressful as there are many things that need to be done. One thing you can tick off your list is the location, when choosing Abbey Marquee Hire. We can sort out your marquee for an ideal outdoor event that will blow you away.

More Services

Abbey Marquee Hire provides more then just marquees for hire. We have a set of services to accommodate our marquees. These services include:

  • Lighting hire
  • Crockery hire
  • Tables/Chairs hire
  • Heating for outdoor events

Lighting Hire

We can provide many types of lighting for outdoor events. Our lighting ranges from lights for decoration use to spotlights and floodlights.

Crockery Hire

We have many different designs of crockery for hire. You can choose the best set to suit your event.

Tables/Chairs Hire

We have many different types of tables and chairs for hire. Depending on the events, some people may choose to have circular tables and some people like rows of tables. We can help you assess the space you have and how many guests will be attending, to determine how many and what type of tables you need. We also have a range of chairs to choose from.

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